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Uniting of the central teams of SOpharmacy, Ceiba, Sanita and SCS

The central teams of pharmacy chains SOpharmacy, Sanita, Ceiba, SCS united together are already actively working to offer a number of new opportunities to our customers. Now, when together we are stronger and ready for the next big steps in the development of our operations, in two consecutive Insider issues, we will talk with Violeta Barakova, National Sales and Operations Manager Retail, and Georgi Mladenov, Commercial Manager Retail, about dreams, integration, and what it will bring to our customers. Today, we meet Villy, who shares how the joint work of the teams is going and what according to her is the right way to build a successful and cohesive team.

What does the acquisition of the SCS group pharmacy chains Sanita, Ceiba, SCS means for SOpharmacy?
On the one hand, this is an opportunity for the SOpharmacy concept to be available in many more points in the country and for more clients to access professional care and consultation and innovative health services. On the other hand, this is a big challenge related to uniting not only two structures, but different corporate cultures and models of work. It is of the utmost importance to be able to work together in sync without affecting our customers in any way.

Since the beginning of the year, the central teams of the acquired pharmacies have united with the team of SOpharmacy. What does this change mean for your teams?
The unification has been officially a fact since January, but the two Operational teams had points of contact in the last months of last year, related to cases caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even then, we began to think about how we could help each other.
We face the challenge of continuing to work effectively on the ongoing development of pharmacies and integration processes. Also, I believe that each of us is aware of the other challenges that lie ahead. However, I am optimistic, because it was in critical situations that I observed a lot of enthusiasm, teamwork and dedication, which is a prerequisite for successful full unification.

How your role of Manager has changed and what is your secret to building a successful team?
As a manager of a larger team, I face many new challenges. I rely a lot on the people I work with and I trust them. They, of course, deserved it. However, I go into detail and take time for discussions with each one or with the whole team – this is how the most successful decisions are born.
I believe that trust, honesty and open relationships are the basis of a successful team. For me, it is important both to celebrate the victories together with the whole team, and to provide support when someone is experiencing difficulties – to show that you stand firmly behind him and to help him.
My first and most important goal is to make the two now officially united teams work as one. This is not an easy task because the processes and how the two chains work are different. Everyone will have to get to know the work of the other well, to go into detail in its processes and specifics. Only in this way, together, will we be able to take the best of current practices and build even more successful and sustainable processes.

What are the first steps you will take together?
To get to know each other, to build trust, to experience common emotions, to solve common cases. Also, to be positive and support each other.

What can the customers of our pharmacies expect?
Our customers can expect even more care and understanding. And not only – professional consultation, new health services to help people in the prevention of various diseases and to be better informed about various conditions.

Now, united, our teams are even stronger. What is the dream you want to achieve?
Everything we do has a single goal – to build SOpharmacy as a sustainable brand, filled with even more content and value. And this is a process that requires constant upgrading and development.
Behind the success is the work of many people and each one is important – both the specialists in the central teams and every pharmacist in our outlets. And last but not least, the understanding that everything we do is in the sake of the client.
My dream is for SOpharmacy to become a symbol of an innovative health concept, developing health services that aim to meet the needs of each client and that facilitate healthcare. People to have quick and easy access to what they need – whether on spot at the outlets, through an online channel or otherwise. We all think in this direction every day and I am sure that in the near future my dream will become a reality.

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