The path of Sopharma Trading from 2006 until today through the eyes of Svetlana Ananieva - Софарма Трейдинг АД

The path of Sopharma Trading from 2006 until today through the eyes of Svetlana Ananieva

The eyewitness to the development and success of the company, who shares her story today, is Svetlana Ananieva. Svetlana holds the position of Accountant in the Finance Department at Sopharma Trading. Her memories take us back in time long before the spacious administrative offices, modern distribution centers and prestigious awards. However, it is clear from her words that there are things that remain unchanged – ambition, the strong team and motivation in the name of healthcare.

How did the history of Sopharma Trading start, Svetlana?
For me, the beginning of Sopharma Trading was dizzying, full of desire and passion. 15 years ago, our first warehouse in Sofia was located on Vidlich Str., Hipodruma district. The building was probably built for a supermarket. One part of the building was used by administrative staff and the other – for a warehouse. We did not have automation in the warehouse. The manipulators walked around us with plastic baskets in hand between the shelves and hand-picked the orders. We collected orders over the phone, and there were customers who came to shop on the spot. Our fleet was far smaller than it is now, but the dynamics and the desire of colleagues to contribute to people and their health are still strong to this day.

What is your brightest memory from our first year?
I still remember the day Mitko Dimitrov introduced himself to us as the Executive Director of the company. I was impressed because a young and enthusiastic man was standing in front of us.

What is most valuable to you at Sopharma Trading?
I am proud of what we have achieved in 15 years. Today, Sopharma Trading is operating in Bulgaria and Serbia, we have distribution centers with modern terminals in several cities, which are incomparable with the small warehouse of 2006. Our orders from customers have not arrived by phone for a long time – we use modern technological solutions we upgrade constantly. I also remember the introduction of the KNAPP system and how partners and clients came specifically to see it, and one of our buildings (Terminal 2 in the Rozhen office) received the Business Building of the Year award. Today we invest in a number of innovative solutions, including artificial intelligence for forecasting and planning in the supply chain.

I am proud that this progress and all our achievements are the product of tireless work and invested efforts and passion by all colleagues.

What motivates you to keep evolving in Sopharma Trading?
I have known many of the colleagues in the company for years and I can safely say that it feels like a big and cohesive family. I feel calm and confident to be part of this team and this company. I hope to be useful for many more years and to be part of the family we created together.

What will Sopharma Trading look like in another 15 years?
Judging for the next 15 years by our pace of development and expansion in the first 15, we will exceed not only our goals, but also our wildest dreams. I am sure that we will be number one and not only in Bulgaria!

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