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SOpharmacy from 2015 until today, Lilyana Robeva tells firsthand

Today, our Firsthand stories column continues with Lilyana Robeva, Master of Pharmacy and Manager of SOpharmacy Helsinki outlet, Sofia. Lilyana joined our team in March 2015 and witnessed both the construction of the retail segment in the company and the development of the SOpharmacy concept to date.

What did SOpharmacy look like in its very beginning in 2015, Lilyana?
At the very beginning, were our plans and ambitions. When we were introduced to the SOpharmacy project, it was obvious that it was well thought out and created with love and care for people. All colleagues were very enthusiastic and ambitious, they believed in our plans and in what we are going to create together. When I started working for the company, we started from scratch and thanks to joint efforts we developed and grew rapidly. I am proud that I believed in this concept, the company and the people, because it was the right choice! I was amazed by the style and beauty of our unique for Bulgarian market pharmacy concept. I saw it for the first time on a computer visualization, and very soon after that live.

What is your brightest memory from our first year?
Very quickly the project became a beautiful reality, and I was and am happy to work here. From the first minutes, long before the company’s common values selection project (H2H), I saw how we actually apply these principles in our work. We had a close-knit team that worked together, we had a passion that we put into everything we do, we were and we are innovative in what we offer. I remember the first two pilot outlets, when together with Mitko Dimitrov, Valya Vidulova, Villy Barakova, Vanya Topurova, Ivan Gogov, Joro Parizov, colleagues from the IT department and the teams of the two pharmacies we were one, we were excited and enjoyed every tidy shelf and the journey we begin together. Today, we all continue to make our dream of SOpharmacy come true!

What is most valuable to you at SOpharmacy?
The most valuable for me is the relationship between people – correct, ethical, supportive and well-intentioned. I believe that this is the basis for achieving excellent results and success.

What motivates you to keep evolving in SOpharmacy?
I am motivated by the passion with which everything is done. I am motivated by the fact that I work in a company that provides me with a comfortable work environment, access to information and training, an extremely large and wide range of medicines and products that we can offer to our patients to improve their quality of life.

What will SOpharmacy look like in another 6 years?
A large and prosperous company, working with the most modern technologies and the best-trained employees. I am glad to be part of this big and strong team and I wish all of us good luck in the future of SOpharmacy!

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