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Sopharma Trading presents a robotic next generation system for contactless disinfection in Bulgaria

Sopharma Trading presents the innovative robotic disinfection system STERI Pro on the Bulgarian market. The new generation robot achieves the highest efficiency by destroying 99.9999% of pathogens and eliminating SARS-CoV-2 in just 3 seconds.  

STERI Pro system is a work of UVC Solutions, with which Sopharma Trading partners. It has been developed in collaboration with medical professionals from hospitals and has proven microbiological effectiveness. The device is ready for continuous operation 24/7, and can perform up to 70 complete disinfections per day in the rooms where it is positioned.

STERI PRO takes between 5 and 15 minutes for a complete disinfection cycle, depending on the size of the room. Working with the innovative disinfection system is extremely easy, as the control is performed remotely via a tablet. Thanks to the laser technology used, the robot independently identifies the boundaries of the rooms, and the motion sensors help it to detect people passing by and to interrupt its work in order to prevent lighting. Once switched on, STERI Pro disinfects each room completely on its own, without the need for additional human intervention.

“Our mission is to offer equipment to medical professionals, which improves and facilitates their work, but at the same time provides security and comfort for the patients. That is why we are extremely happy to partner with UVC Solutions, as together we can offer the Bulgarian market a unique solution for disinfection. STERI Pro integrates a number of new technologies to provide the highest disinfection rate in an extremely short cycle of time and without the need for human intervention. The system allows medical facilities to significantly reduce the incidence of nosocomial infections, to further improve health services for their patients, ensuring their safety during their stay, as well as to optimize their costs.”, commented Michaela Karamanolova, Executive Director Medical Equipment Solutions.

For more information about STERI Pro, please send an inquiry to our team:

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