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Sopharma Trading automates its business processes with RPA technology

Sopharma Trading has started a phased robotization of some of its internal business processes, using RPA (Robotic Process Automation). This is a logical step in the company’s digital strategy, which envisages the implementation of solutions that raise to a new level the overall performance of the business and are in line with global trends in the healthcare sector.

RPA has been defined by several analysts as a revolution in business process automation and is one of the fastest growing software segments. In the last few years, the technology has gradually entered almost all sectors worldwide, but the pandemic of COVID-19 provided a strong impetus, which imposes it as a leader in the health care sector. According to Gartner, 85% of all large and medium-sized companies globally will use some form of RPA by the end of 2022.

RPA technology is associated with the automation of repetitive business processes, which are subject to clear rules. According to McKinsey, 85% of all more than 900 traditional business processes can be automated, which means better productivity and cost efficiency for businesses.

In Sopharma Trading, the implementation of RPA has started with 2 pilot processes, covered 3 more, which are already fully robotic, and 3 more processes will be developed next few months. These are entirely internal processes mainly in the supply chain and finance, but the plans are to increase their number and to expand the scope to the company’s other business divisions.

For the introduction of the technology, Sopharma Trading chose one of the leading top 3 software, also used by NASA. In the future, the company will rely on its internal resources for the development of RPA and implementation in other processes. To this purpose, representatives of the Digital Solutions team have already undergone the necessary trainings, expanding their professional skills in this direction.

„The recognition and implementation of RPA is a completely logical step in the digital and technological development of Sopharma Trading. This solution allows us to improve our productivity, to increase many times the quality of our work, while at the same time we will be more efficient and better financially in the long term. The automation of routine operations is an opportunity for our most valuable resource – our employees, to focus to a much greater extent on customer service and on the optimization of other key business processes that are part of our long-term strategy.“, said Desislava Slavcheva, Chief Digital Officer at Sopharma Trading.  

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