Official statement of Sopharma Trading - Софарма Трейдинг АД

Official statement of Sopharma Trading

Dear partners,

We are addressing you on behalf of Sopharma Trading, leading Group of companies in the healthcare sector with operations in Bulgaria and Serbia.

The situation with the COVID-19 outbreak and the related State of Emergency in Bulgaria and Serbia elevate the role of our Group at highest national level in regard to ensuring and providing life-important products and services to the Healthcare sector. In this relation, we would like to ensure you that we took every precaution measures required to ensure business continuity including stability of deliveries of medicinal products and devices to hospitals and pharmacies. Our distribution centers work within the usual working time in full capacity and we don’t foresee any changes in this respect in the future too.

Despite the dynamic situation on the EU and global level, we expect only temporary disruptions in the deliveries of limited medicinal products and devices. Sopharma Trading team works in a close partnership with the key stakeholders in the Healthcare sector, including the Ministry of Health and other responsible institutions, sector organizations of pharmaceutical producers, wholesalers, retailers and pharmacists, so that we manage the crisis situation with a mutual effort and united resources.

In addition, we have developed business continuity program that includes but is not limited to:
/ Create a crisis response team to facilitate the open and consistent flow of accurate information between key stakeholders, maintaining stakeholder confidence and informing customers who will be impacted.
/ Establish a team to focus on supply chain assessment and risk management.
/ Manage working capital & business plans

We have also undertaken the strictest measures for health protection of our team and the teams of our partners:
/ Disinfection of offices, warehouse areas, and working premises as well as of delivery vehicles
/ Use of protective clothing (masks, glasses and gloves) by our staff responsible for servicing product deliveries and communication with people
/ Handling documents only with protection gloves
/ Cancellation of all business trips in the country and abroad and implementation of online meetings
/ Home office for those colleagues where the role in the company allows it
/ Re-organization of the people working in the company premises in such a way that to avoid gatherings
/ Many other detailed measures of protection covering the highest level of risks

We would like also to appeal for your full responsibility and strict provision of all regulatory implemented measures in such a way that to protect the health of your love ones, colleagues, pharmacists and other medical specialists.

Sincerely yours,

Dimitar Dimitrov
Sopharma Trading Group

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