Mladen Jasic, Chief of a warehouse DC Pukovac: “Dedication and passion make me always give my maximum and not accept anything less” - Софарма Трейдинг АД

Mladen Jasic, Chief of a warehouse DC Pukovac: “Dedication and passion make me always give my maximum and not accept anything less”

Mladen Jasic is part of our Sopharma Trading team in Serbia for 8 years. Going through all the processes in the supply chain, Mladen is currently Chief of the warehouse in the regional distribution center in Pukovac, Nis region. According to him, the development and growth of the company completely coincided with the development path of his career.

Looking ahead to the future, Mladen believes in the progress of the company and is convinced that together the team will succeed in achieving the common goals.

What Sopharma Trading means to you, Mladen?

I am very honored and proud to be part of the Sopharma Trading team from the very beginning of the company’s development in Serbia. I can say that this is my second home and I look at the colleagues as a family. I feel great satisfaction because the company recognized my passion and engagement and provided me with all the needed knowledge and skills for my further professional development. The company is filled with positive energy and openness to employees, which gives me additional strength and self-confidence.

What are your top 3 personal values?

I would put optimism in the first place because it is easier to achieve goals we set with a positive attitude and faith. Also, I would add dedication and passion because these are the values that make me always give my maximum and not accept anything less.

And which company value do you feel like yours the most?

It is certainly teamwork. Working together with a team spirit is more productive and efficient. The improvement of all the processes we have gone through in the previous period has shown that only with joint efforts we can accomplish our goals.

If you had to name five things you do in your work every day, what would they be?

Every day has its own specifics and tasks, but the regular activities that I perform daily include monitoring the work of the distribution center, whether all processes are completed on time and without delay. I monitor the quality of the work done, which refers to the control of complaints and their analysis.

I communicate with other departments, primarily with Purchasing and Sales, because our work activities are closely connected.

In my opinion, the most important thing I do every day is communicating with my team, providing support and motivating them to give their maximum every day, because their performance and results represent the success of the whole company.

With which of your achievements in Sopharma Trading are you most proud of and why, Mladen?

I am most proud of my participation in the organization and opening of the new distribution center in Pukovac, Nis region, mostly because I was trusted for such a large project. The distribution center in Pukovac has been operating for more than a year now and the results we have achieved until now are excellent.

Finally, which is the dream you are about to make come true in the company?

To continue my professional development and increase my knowledge and together with the rest of the supply chain team to raise the company’s logistics to a higher level and to take the place in the market we want.

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