Management - Софарма Трейдинг АД

Ventsislav Marinov
Chief Executive Officer and
Member of the Board of Directors

Ventsislav is a professional with more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector. He has been part of the Sopharma Trading team since the very beginning of the company, having held various management positions including Deputy Executive Officer, Executive Director Wholesale, Financial Director, Chief Strategy Execution Officer, and others. He knows the business, processes, and operations of the company in detail, and he is also responsible for the development and implementation of Sopharma Trading’s strategy. In 2019 he took on the role of Executive Director of the second largest chain of pharmacies in Bulgaria, managing the brands SCS, Sanita and Seiba, which was subsequently acquired by Sopharma Trading. Ventsislav has deep knowledge in finance, operations, mergers and acquisitions, business process management and more.

Boris Borisov
Procurator of Sopharma Trading

The Board of Directors of Sopharma Trading has appointed and authorized Mr. Boris Borisov as a procurator of the company from 20.09.2021. Since April 2006 Boris Borisov is Financial Director of Sopharma AD. He is also Executive Director and member of the Board of Directors of Sopharma Imoti REIT and other public companies, part of the Sopharma Group. His work experience includes senior management positions, including in the banking sector. He graduated from the University of National and World Economy in 1991 with a degree in Finance and Credit, and in 2012 he obtained a doctorate from the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University. Fluent in English and Russian. Married, with one child.

Georgi Hristov
Director Supply Chain Management and Operations

Georgi Hristov is part of the Sopharma Trading team since 2019 and initialy holds the position of Supply Chain Manager. During this period he implemented a number of successful projects, including the launch of a forecasting and planning system and implementation of automated system for storage and processing of orders KNAPP OSR in the company’s logistic center in Sofia. During his career, he has held various management positions in international companies, including Supply Chain Director at “Danone Bulgaria”, Deputy CEO of “KI Logistics”, Deputy Managing Director at the distribution company “Express Logistics and Distribution” and others. Georgi has participated in one of the largest logistics projects in recent years in Bulgaria - the creation of a common platform uniting logistics processes and distribution of up to 35 000 points in the country. Georgi Hristov is a member of the Board of Advisors at the Department of Business Logistics at the University of National and World economy and teaches in various disciplines related to the supply chain management.

Violeta Barakova
Director of Operations - Retail

Violeta Barakova has been part of the Sopharma Trading team since the very beginning of the company. Over the years she has held various management positions, including Sales Director Pharmacy Market, National Sales and Operations Manager and others. She is actively involved in the creation of the SOpharmacy concept and from the very beginning she manages the operational activities in all outlets under the brand. As a Master of Pharmacy, Violeta has made a significant contribution to the development of the health services offered to SOpharmacy clients. She participates actively in the integration processes under the SOpharmacy brand of the acquired pharmacies PharmaStore, CSS, Ceiba, Sanita.

Georgi Mladenov
Commercial and Business Development Director - Retail

Georgi Mladenov joined the team of Sopharma Trading in 2010 and he has experience in several positions in the organization accumulating his expertise. He started his career as an intern, but thanks to his ambition and dedication he was promoted to Product Manager, and subsequently held various management positions, including Exclusive Products Manager, Sales Manager, and others. From day one he has been working on the development of the SOpharmacy concept, and in the position of Commercial Manager, he is responsible for the development of the own brand, product portfolio and the management of all partnerships. He participates actively in the integration processes under the SOpharmacy brand of the acquired pharmacies PharmaStore, CSS, Ceiba, Sanita..

Mihaela Karamanolova
Executive Director
Medical Equipment Solutions

Michaela has over 17 years of experience in selling medical equipment and consumables, 10 of which are in Sopharma Trading. She has made many successful deals, and in the last two years with her team, she managed to accomplish key for the Bulgarian healthcare deliveries of innovative medical equipment for imaging, therapy and robotic surgery, as well as to launch the first modules of Sopharma Academy for expert training of medical professionals.

Plamen Kolev
Commercial Director – Wholesale

Plamen joined the team of Sopharma Trading in 2016 and until 2020 he manages one of the main businesses of the company Wholesale, during which time he managed to create a strong team and achieve high results. The following year, he took over the management and development of a new business unit for the company - Exclusive Products. Currently, Plamen is Commercial Director - Wholesale and, in addition to the entire team Exclusive Portfolio, he is responsible for the management of the following areas: Pharmacy Market, Hospital Market - Medicines, Hospital Market - Consumables, Pre-distribution and Trade Marketing. Outside Sopharma Trading, his career path relates to Heineken Zagorka AD, where for 13 years he has performed various professional roles, including Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, Sales Channel, and Sales Team Skills Development. In 2013, he joined the team of Heineken's subsidiary in Belarus as Commercial Director.

Maya Taseva
Chief Human Resources Officer

Maya is a proven expert with over 20 years of experience. She has extensive expertise in developing programs and strategies in the field of human resources in accordance with the business goals and results of the organization. Over the years she has held various management positions in a number of international companies, including Coca-Cola HBC, Orbitel, Bulstrad Life - Vienna Insurance Group. She joined us in 2020 from Carlsberg Bulgaria, where she was Human Resources Director.

Budimir Šanić
Chief Executive Officer of
Sopharma Trading Serbia

Budimir is a senior professional in the field of finance, with more than 12 years of experience in auditing and healthcare, with a special emphasis on development and learning in multinational business environments. He joined Sopharma Trading D.o.o. in June 2021 as a Finance Director and from December of the same year took over the role of Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining the Sopharma Trading team, he built his career in the auditing company KPMG, where he developed and acquired significant knowledge and skills in the field of audit management. He knows in detail the healthcare sector in Serbia and as Finance Director at MediGroup, he was responsible for financial operations for all health and pharmacy institutions of the company at the national level. Budimir holds faculty degree in Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.