Leadership Team SR - Софарма Трейдинг АД

Budimir Šanić
Chief Executive Officer of
Sopharma Trading Serbia

Budimir is a senior professional in the field of finance, with more than 12 years of experience in auditing and healthcare, with a special emphasis on development and learning in multinational business environments. He joined Sopharma Trading D.o.o. in June 2021 as a Finance Director and from December of the same year took over the role of Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining the Sopharma Trading team, he built his career in the auditing company KPMG, where he developed and acquired significant knowledge and skills in the field of audit management. He knows in detail the healthcare sector in Serbia and as Finance Director at MediGroup, he was responsible for financial operations for all health and pharmacy institutions of the company at the national level. Budimir holds faculty degree in Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.

Dragana Obradovic
Financial Director of
Sopharma Trading Serbia

Dragana Obradovic is a professional with more than 10 years expertise in finance, business strategy & development, M&A transactions, business planning and controlling. Her career includes various management positions in international companies in the healthcare and telecom sectors, including Telecom Serbia and Mtel. Prior to joining Sopharma Trading, she held the position of Manager for Strategy and M&A at MediGroup - the largest private group of companies in the healthcare sector in Serbia. Dragana holds a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Serbia with a focus on Finance, Banking and Insurance.

Ivan Jelic
Sales Director of
Sopharma Trading Serbia

Ivan Jelić has been part of Sopharma Trading’s team since 2020, and from the very beginning has been responsible for the company's operations in the pharmacy and hospital market in Serbia. He is a professional with over 12 years of experience in the sales and having held various management positions in the healthcare sector. Among them are Sales Director, Marketing and Sales Director, Sales Manager in one of the leading companies in the healthcare sector in Serbia. Ivan Jelic holds a Master's degree in pharmacy from the University of Belgrade and a Master's degree in business administration from the University of Geneva.

Branko Dzekic
Trade Marketing and Commercial Procurement Director of Sopharma Trading Serbia

Branko Dzekic has more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical wholesale sector. He joined the Sopharma Trading team in Serbia in 2019 and has been responsible for the trade marketing and orders from the very beginning. He has extensive experience in marketing, sales, and procurement. In the first years of his professional development, Branko acquired valuable skills and knowledge of the pharma market, which later helped him to manage a public procurement and sales department with about 100 employees.

Mladen Jašić
Transportation Manager of
Sopharma Trading Serbia

Mladen Jasic is a longtime member of the Sopharma Trading team in Serbia. He joined the company 8 years ago and during this time he went through all the processes in the supply chain. For him, the development and growth of the company completely coincide with the development of his career path, and in 2020 he took over the role of Head of the newly opened distribution center of the company in Pukovac.

Dušan Ostojic
Warehouse Manager of
Sopharma Trading Serbia

Dusan Ostojic is a professional with extensive experience in warehouse management and related processes, as well as in the optimization of logistics processes, cost control and presentation of the KNAPP system. His career path includes various companies in the healthcare sector. He is GDP certified and has experience with ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP.