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Kristian Kovachev for the strong start of SOpharmacy in 2015 and the importance of the team

Kristian Kovachev is a Master of Pharmacy, Manager of SOpharmacy Novotel outlet, Plovdiv and one of the veterans in the SOpharmacy team. Kris’ career path in the company began in March 2015 as a master pharmacist, and only seven months later he became Manager of a pharmacy outlet. What his memories of 2015 and the first steps of SOpharmacy are, learn in the following lines.

What did SOpharmacy look like in its very beginning in 2015, Kris?
I would define the activities as an exciting beginning that continues today! All colleagues were filled with enthusiasm and dreams. We laid the foundations with a concept that was created by people for people and with care and understanding. The first SOpharmacy outlet in Bulgaria was opened in Plovdiv, with master pharmacist Zornitsa Ivanova as a Manager. I am proud that to this day the outlet continues to welcome and serve our customers and patients with care.

What is your brightest memory from our first year?
One of the most memorable moments was the team building in September 2015. The idea of a togetherness, of teamwork, has been promoted in every way to this day. The HR team is actively working on various initiatives, thanks to which we were able to quickly unite and maintain the team spirit.

What is most valuable to you at SOpharmacy?
The ability to work in a shared environment where every single voice is heard.

What motivates you to keep evolving in SOpharmacy?
I am motivated by the fact that we strive to be the best on the market, with all the challenges of the time in which we live. We achieve this by not setting limits in the implementation of innovations and the launch of creative marketing activities.

What will SOpharmacy look like in another 6 years?
SOpharmacy will become the leader in the retail market long before the next 6 years of our history pass by!

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