Ivan Gogov, Merchandising Manager: “I am proud of what we have achieved with SOpharmacy for these 6 years” - Софарма Трейдинг АД

Ivan Gogov, Merchandising Manager: “I am proud of what we have achieved with SOpharmacy for these 6 years”

Ivan Gogov, Merchandising Manager in the Retail team, has been part of the company for 6 years. Ivan joins us from the field of socio-political and market research. He sees Sopharma Trading and SOpharmacy as an opportunity for new challenges that he needs, and today he is convinced that he has made the right choice.

In the company, Ivan initially held the position of Buyer in the Retail team, whose main activity is negotiations with partners. After the opening of the first SOpharmacy outlets, he also began to participate in the categorization of new pharmacies, the preparation of planograms and arrangement instructions, and the finalization of outlet arrangements immediately prior to their opening. Ivan combines these activities until the spring of 2018, when after the acquisition of PharmaStore, a new unit was established – Merchandising, which is responsible for both the rebranding of the acquired outlets and the planograming, categorization and arrangement of newly opened pharmacies in future. Already as a Merchandising Specialist, Ivan has a huge merit for the rebranding of the acquired pharmacies, as in a few months with the team they managed to change the look and layout of all 19 outlets.

Thanks to his dedication and expertise, today Ivan is the manager of the unit, part of which are three more people, with whom, as he says, they “work miracles”.

What Sopharma Trading means to you, Ivan?

Sopharma Trading is my company – the place where I feel good, where I am surrounded by ambitious people who can and know what they are doing.

What are your top 3 personal values?

Honesty, loyalty, passion.

And which company value do you feel like yours the most?

Passion – because when you do your work with real passion and desire, things get easier and better.

If you had to name five things you do in your work every day, what would they be?

Every day I try to smile and communicate with colleagues as much as possible.

With which of your achievements in Sopharma Trading are you most proud of and why, Ivan?

I am proud of what we are today as a company and what we have achieved together with the entire SOpharmacy team over these 6 years.

Finally, which is the dream you are about to make come true in the company? Maybe we only have one thing left – to become №1 pharmacy chain in the country!

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