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The implementation of innovative technologies helps us to be more efficient and achieve better long-term results
State-of-the-art technologies
Our ambition is to drive evolution in the healthcare sector, introducing the latest technologies and practices from Europe and the world
Focus on the customer
We integrate automated solutions to maintain a high level of customer service

The implementation of innovative technologies and automation of business processes is the basis of our long-term development strategy and is part of our philosophy as a leading company in the healthcare sector.

Our value is to seek and implement solutions that add value, help us to be more efficient in operational terms, to always be on time, delivering quality products and services to our customers. Our focus today is the digital transformation of our core processes to ensure the stability of our entire supply chain and to serve our customers according to their specific needs and business challenges.

Софарма Трейдинг - Иновация

Sustainability and development

In addition to building a strong team of experts who actively participate in the implementation of our digital strategy, in 2019 we also implemented SOinventure – the first health-tech innovation program in Bulgaria.

Thanks to it, we were able to implement design thinking as a methodology through which we examine the challenges of our customers to build solutions with the highest added value – the necessary basis for sustainable partnerships.

Today we continue to monitor innovations in the sector and explore opportunities together with partners in order to improve the quality of our products and services in the long run.

Софарма Трейдинг - Иновация
Софарма Трейдинг - Иновация

Automation and artificial intelligence in the supply chain

Ten years ago, we took the first steps for the automation of our warehouses. Not a year has passed since then without us investing in the development of logistics processes.

Innovations in our warehouses

Being bold in our dreams, today we have two of the most modern automated warehouses on the Balkan Peninsula. They are located in Sofia and Varna and have implemented the highest class system for warehouse management and distribution of medicines – KNAPP.

With the purpose of achieving even greater efficiency of our distribution processes in order to provide logistical capacity to support our long-term plans, a project related to the implementation of a new system for storage and processing of orders – KNAPP OSR – will be completed in our warehouse in Sofia in 2021.

Софарма Трейдинг - Иновация

Results from the implementation of the new KNAPP OSR

  • New 840 order lines per hour to the current capacity of the warehouse
  • Storage of over 16,000 items and increase of the product portfolio
  • A conveyor line now also for small transport boxes – “totes” – an additional guarantee for the customer regarding the processing and delivery of even the smallest orders
  • A new line for ready orders
  • Station for final commercial packaging of orders placed through our online pharmacy
Софарма Трейдинг - Иновация
Софарма Трейдинг - Иновация

Innovations in the forecasting and planning process

In 2020, the company launched a new forecasting and planning system based on artificial intelligence.

The system uses analytical models to create the most accurate forecasts possible. In addition, it allows automation and optimization of the order process.

The new forecasting and planning system also improves the stocks in the company’s warehouses so that we can meet customer needs in the order process to the highest degree.

Софарма Трейдинг - Иновация

Innovations in the retail segment

In support of our strategy for the development of multi-channel retail, we have integrated one of the most innovative Point of Sales systems in the world. It is a powerful tool that allows us to upgrade every element of our services to the end customer by following the latest digital trends in the retail segment.

  • Possibility to build personalized offers
  • Development of a complete customer experience from a mobile device through a computer to a visit to a physical outlet
  • Development of a mobile application/li>
  • Ability to work in an outlet via a smart device. Self-service in physical outlets
  • Integration with various health service devices
  • Ability for the customer to track stocks in an outlet through the online channel or mobile application
Софарма Трейдинг - Иновация

Business process management

In support of business needs and the development of our strategy, we have built a comprehensive state-of-the-art business process management system (ERP) in the company. It was developed in collaboration with the global leader SAP, whose business solutions have proven to be the gold standard in the global healthcare sector.

The system supports the company’s operations in both Bulgaria and Serbia, enabling a number of innovations to be imposed. Among the digital innovations is also the development of a B2B website for the needs of our customers in the pharmacy market in both countries.

The website is based on the Hybris platform and allows our company to offer the most modern digital services, including the ability to easily create and submit orders, track deliveries, invoices and other features in real time.

Thus, we became the first company in the healthcare sector in Serbia to make a significant investment in digital customer service.