“In Sopharma Trading there are so many opportunities for enthusiastic people” - Софарма Трейдинг АД

“In Sopharma Trading there are so many opportunities for enthusiastic people”

Sladjan Stojilkovic is our Regional Sales Manager in Serbia and one of the most ambitious members of our team in the country.

As soon as he graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Kragujevac and got a master’s degree in Pharmacy in 2012, Sladjan started his professional path and very quickly climbed the career ladder. When in 2018 the opportunity to join Sopharma Trading arose, he decided it was time for a change, and today he does not regret his choice.

What Sopharma Trading means to you, Sladjan?

Sopharma Trading inspires and motivates me to constantly grow in the aspect of knowledge and experience. It is a mighty and successful pharmaceutical company with opportunities for professional development for its employees and a company which builds a strong relationship between trading and focusing on the end-user. I admire this business model and I use this approach aiming for higher achievements for 3 years now.

What are your top 3 personal values?

Responsibility, hunger for success, professional approach.

And which company value do you feel like yours the most?

I cannot choose one, as all of them are sublimed into my way of work. Especially, because, all of them were developing since my first day in Sopharma Trading. Complementary attitude to work, passionate and humanistic stream of business politics are desirable values in these times.

If you had to name five things you do in your work every day, what would they be?

Thanks to Sopharma Trading I am permanently exposed to these five things during my working day: connecting with people in order to build strong relations, constantly providing a high level of support to our clients, targeting Key Opinion Leaders and activating new ones, using all offered resources internally in order to send а clear picture of Sopharma Trading to the clients, providing a compact environment with coworkers.

With which of your achievements in Sopharma Trading are you most proud of and why, Sladjan?

One of the achievements with which I’m most proud is the ability to establish high-quality interpersonal relationships with team members, as we all have to support each other. Another one is service customization – it has raised cooperation to a much higher level. Nowadays, in conditions of extremely fierce competition, the relationship we have with customers is crucial in terms of their loyalty to us.

Finally, which is the dream you are about to make come true in the company?

It is really hard to have only one dream in a company like Sopharma Trading. Why? Because there are so many opportunities for enthusiastic people and that means a lot. My dream is to never stop dreaming while working in such an inspirational environment.

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