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How SOpharmacy makes dreams come true – the story of Zornitsa Ivanova

We start the Firsthand stories column with Zornitsa Ivanova from SOpharmacy. She is a master pharmacist and Manager of SOpharmacy Maritsa outlet, Plovdiv since its opening in 2015 until today. Zori always welcomes customers with understanding and a smile, because SOpharmacy is her dream come true. As one of the first colleagues in the team, she talks about the first steps of SOpharmacy, teamwork, and the clients‘ feedback.

What did SOpharmacy look like in its very beginning in 2015, Zori?
For me, in the beginning, SOpharmacy was the transformation of my pharmaceutical dreams into reality. Our unique concept covered not only all my ideas about working in a pharmacy, but also the services offered in it. We were the first to present the individual consultations in pharmacies. They were not available on the market before and this was one of our very innovative services for patients and clients, which we continue to offer today.

What is your brightest memory from our first year?
Our first year was filled with the great desire of everyone to put into action the SOpharmacy concept. A very vivid memory for me is the active participation of Sopharma Trading’s CEO and the SOpharmacy Management team. They even got involved in the detailed work of arranging the pharmacy before we opened our doors for the first time and welcomed our first clients. I also liked that they sought and listened to the opinion of the pharmacy team. Of course, there were other unforgettable events, including team building for colleagues from the first pharmacies. I clearly remember the reactions of the first customers of the pharmacy – they were pleasantly surprised by the fact that we are very different. They entered a bright and clean pharmacy and they are approached with care and understanding.

What is most valuable to you at SOpharmacy?
The most valuable thing for me is the attitude of the people from the head office to everyone in the pharmacy. We feel like friends, not subordinates, they ask us and listen to our opinion. Caring for people really comes first in the company and it is no coincidence that the motto of SOpharmacy is “With understanding and care”.

What motivates you to keep evolving in SOpharmacy?
I am motivated by all the innovations that are constantly introduced and support our work with patients. I am motivated by all the trainings we go through in order to work better in the team and with our clients.

What will SOpharmacy look like in another 6 years?
In 6 years, I expect SOpharmacy to be the leading pharmacy chain in Bulgaria, which offers many new services for patients and a huge portfolio of products. I believe that there will be many more interesting proposals from our SOpharmacy Own brand. I expect that in 6 years our pharmacies will be a favorite of many Bulgarians because of the attitude they receive, the innovations in our services and the good working conditions.

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