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Sopharma Trading AD is a public company listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange since 2008.

For 15 years the company has been recording a continuous growth of its financial indicators, and in the last 11 years it has been ranked first in terms of revenues in the Pharmacy sector in the Top 100 ranking of the Capital newspaper. This makes us a preferred investment for over 25,000 investors.

We adhere to maximum transparency and honesty in our relations with investors, financial media and analysts.

Results 2020

Revenues (million €)

Growth of 13% compared to 2019

EBITDA (million €)


EBIT (million €)


Share capital (million €)


Stock exchange information

Name: Sopharma Trading AD
Headquarters: Sofia 1756, Izgrev Region, 5 Lachezar Stanchev Str., Sopharma Business Towers, Building А, floor 12
Exchange: Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD
Exchange code: SFT
Stock segment: Standard
Currency: BGN
Capital: 34 276 050 BGN.
Type of financial instruments: The capital of the company is distributed in 34,276,050 ordinary registered dematerialized voting shares. Each ordinary share gives the right to one vote in the General Meeting of Shareholders, a right to a dividend and a liquidation share commensurate with the nominal value of the share.
Nominal value: 1 BGN
Date of introduction of trade: 30.01.2008.

As of 30.06.2021, the main shareholder in Sopharma Trading AD with a share of 76.33% or 26 161 936 shares is Sopharma AD. The remaining 23.67% or 8 114 114 shares are distributed among other individuals and legal entities.

  • Shareholders with a share of over 5% - Sopharma AD – 76.33%; 26 161 936 shares
  • Other individuals and legal entities with a share below 5% - 23.67%; 8 114 114 shares

Corporate management

Sopharma Trading AD is a company with a one-tier management system. The company is managed by a Board of Directors, which consists of three members

  • Ognyan Donev - Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Dimitar Dimitrov - Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
  • Angel Yordanov - Member of the Board of Directors.

In view of the requirement of Art. 116а1, para. 2 of the POSA, Angel Yordanov is an independent member of the Board.

Biographies of the members of the Board of Directors

Ognyan Donev
Chairman of the Board
of Directors

Ognyan Donev graduated from the German high school in Sofia. He studied in Hamburg and Vienna. He graduated in International Economic Relations at the Higher Institute of Economics in Sofia. In 1986 he received his PhD in economics in Berlin. Ognyan Donev, PhD has been the Executive Director of Sopharma AD since October 2000.
He is also:
- Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sopharma AD
- Member of the CEIBG Advisory Committee
- Member of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce
- Member of the National Commission for Corporate Governance
- Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce for Bulgaria
- Member of the Board of BGPharmA - Bulgarian Generic Pharmaceutical Association
- Member of the Management Board of BCCI
- Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Medical University of Sofia
- Vice President of the Vienna Economic Forum
- Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria (AmCham)
- Member of the Control Council of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact
- Winner of the "Burov" prize for industrial management and the “Mr. Economy” prize
- Participates in the management or control bodies of a number of companies
He speaks German, English, Russian and Italian.
He is married and has two sons.

Dimitar Dimitrov
Member of the Board of
Directors and Chief Executive Officer

Dimitar Dimitrov has been the head of Sopharma Trading since the very establishment of the company in 2006. Under his management Sopharma Trading has become the leading company in the sector and has grown its financial indicators for 15 consecutive years.
In 2010 Dimitar was among the founders of the Bulgarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (BATEL) and until 2016 he was Chairman of the Association. In 2014 he was re-elected Vice-Chairman of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria, and has been Chairman of the Health Committee of the Confederation since its inception. In 2015 and 2016 he was also co-chair of the AmCham Health Committee. He is the winner of the grand prize "Mr. Economy" for 2017 of the Economy magazine.

Angel Yordanov
Member of the Board
of Directors

Angel Yordanov was born in Sofia. He completed his primary and secondary education in Russian language schools in Belgrade and Sofia. In 1982 he graduated from the Bruno Leuschner Institute of Economics in Berlin with a degree in Planning and National Economy. His professional experience includes various positions, including sales manager, customer relations manager and others.
He speaks German, English, Russian and Serbian.


At the Regular General Meeting in 2021, the shareholders of Sopharma Trading AD selected Baker Tilly Clitou and Partners Ltd. as an audit company to audit and certify the Annual Financial Statements of the company for 2021 and the consolidated Annual Financial Statements of the company for 2021.

Baker Tilly Clitou and Partners Ltd. (the “Company”) is a limited liability company, UIC 131349346, with registration number 0129 in the register of specialized auditing companies in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPA).

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