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For Emilia Valcheva Sopharma Trading is a family in every sense of the word

Today, in the Firsthand stories column we meet with Emilia Valcheva, Dealer in Wholesale Division. Emilia has been working for Sanita Trading since 1997 and in 2006 she joined the team of Sopharma Trading after the merger of the companies and the founding of today’s Sopharma Trading. The interview with Emilia intrigues not only with memories from the first years of the company but also with a curious story that left an imprint in both her professional and personal life.

How did the history of Sopharma Trading start, Emilia?
I worked in Sopharma Trading even before the company was founded in 2006. I was part of the team of Sanita Razlog warehouse, where we worked in a small and cohesive team that fought the competition and proved itself on the market, but also knew how to have fun. For us, Sanita Trading was not only a workplace, it was our family. The way Sopharma Trading operates today is a result of the merger of five distributors, including Sanita Trading. This process began in 2004 because of the prevailing trend of globalization of the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria.
The history of Sopharma Trading is directly related to my personal one – here I met my husband, who is still part of the company’s team, and together we built a happy family.

What is your brightest memory from our first year?
I remember the worries in the team as a result of the change, which were a natural reaction. When Sanita Trading became part of Sopharma Trading, we asked ourselves “Where are we going?”, “How will it be?”, but quickly the worries turned out to be unfounded. We have become part of a larger family where everyone can work and grow. Despite the merger period of the five distribution companies, Sopharma Trading started its operations without interrupting the relations with its partners and clients. The clear vision for the future of the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria, as well as the goals set by the company’s team, help to stay ahead of the competitors in the sector. This makes us a desirable partner for leading global companies in the field of pharmacy, cosmetics and medical equipment.

What motivates you to keep evolving in Sopharma Trading?
The motivation comes from the work, which is quite dynamic and interesting. It also comes from the people I work with and the managers in the company who lead us forward and have earned our trust.

What will Sopharma Trading look like in another 15 years?
In another 15 years, Sopharma Trading will be a fully developed company in Bulgaria and abroad, with modern technological solutions, an even greater variety of products and services and a team of happy and responsible people.

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