Diana Zafirova – when the professional aspiration is in sync with the corporate goals for 15 years now - Софарма Трейдинг АД

Diana Zafirova – when the professional aspiration is in sync with the corporate goals for 15 years now

On the 15th anniversary of Sopharma Trading, we start the Firsthand stories column. In it we will meet with colleagues, part of the Sopharma Trading and SOpharmacy teams since their founding. The first one is Diana Zafirova, Key Account Manager for Pharmacy Market. Diana has been working in the healthcare sector since 1997 and has been part of Sopharma Trading for 15 years. She goes through various positions in the company, which establish her as a professional and help her to enrich her experience and expertise. As one of the first members of the team, Diana talks about the right strategy with which Sopharma Trading upgrades its development over the years, and what motivates her to this day.

How did the history of Sopharma Trading start, Diana?
In 2006, several pharmaceutical distributors have merged under the name Sopharma Trading AD. In the beginning, as might be expected, there were doubts, worries, unknown, but there was also a lot of enthusiasm and motivation to create a new and strong company. The work continued and there were no difficulties, which was important for the people and the team dynamics. The changes took place smoothly and gradually, which facilitated our adaptation to the new way of working and organizing. For me, the year was full of many significant events that brought satisfaction and hope for a strong start to the new organization.

What is your brightest memory from our first year?
It was one of the most interesting and challenging years. Our main success was that we proved who we are. We changed the behavior of the market and set new criteria. We started building and changing the company and our identity. We have created a more structured and organized company with solid positions, specific goals and ambitions beyond the standard financial parameters. A company to improve and modernize our sector by putting the needs of the patient and the client above all else.

What is most valuable to you at Sopharma Trading?
I am happy to work in the company and with the team for 15 years. I am proud that today Sopharma Trading is an established leader and a loyal partner who has a rich and diverse portfolio of products and services, and excellent after-sales service. At Sopharma Trading I have always felt comfortable thanks to the fair attitude of the company to me as an employee, and to our end customers. I can count on the support of the leaders in the organization and their assistance to reach my potential and develop, which is also valuable for me. I work in wonderful company and I am surrounded by great colleagues I can count on.

What motivates you to keep evolving in Sopharma Trading?
Sopharma Trading is a company that looks to the future, anticipates events and implement innovations. These changes require adaptability in people as well, and this maintains my interests and provokes me. The achieved results bring me satisfaction and motivate me for new and higher achievements.

What will Sopharma Trading look like in another 15 years?
After 15 years I see Sopharma Trading as an undisputed leader on the Bulgarian market, with a modern, automated distribution system, huge warehouses and fleet. Preferred partner for both customers and partners – manufacturers and importers. And last but not least – to continue to be one of the best employers on the market.

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