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Being a strong team is our competitive advantage
We take care of each other, we are honest and we keep our promises. We support each other and build relationships based on trust.
We are committed to our social role and always strive to upgrade
Our significant social role in providing vital products and services in the healthcare sector keeps us moving forward. We are brave, bold, enterprising and innovative
We achieve great results because we do everything with passion
Our mission is to drive evolution in healthcare. We do everything with passion, enthusiasm and ambition. Our strong energy drives us to achieve the greatest results

Оur story began in 2015 when Sopharma Trading – the leading trading company in terms of revenue in the Pharma sector in Bulgaria, started its regional expansion, entering the Serbian market. As a part of Sopharma Trading Group we share common mission, vision and values. 

Today, we are imposing the proven successful diversified business model of Sopharma Trading, which helps us to be among the fastest-growing companies in the healthcare sector in Serbia. We are ambitious to drive evolution in healthcare and every day we take a step in this direction!  

But none of this would be possible without our great team, with whom we share our values – Teamwork, Innovation and Passion. It is people who distinguish us. That is why we encourage every individuality, talent and innovative thinking. 

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